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Contents for Websites
Basic Content
BasicPlus Content
Complete Content

Contents for Mobiles

Content on Websites & Mobiles


Basic Content

This solutions as the name indicates provides very basic content on your web portal. MData provides you with a big range of content to choose from. You can ask us to provide you with contents on any 5 tables/categories on your web portal and rest assured on these to get updated.

BasicPlus Content :

If you feel that you require a more than our Basic Content Solution, you can opt for our Basic+ Format. Under this solution customers can choose to take any 10 tables/categories of content thereby increasing LIVE content on your portals.

Complete Content :

This solution provides customers complete content with regards to Equities, Derivatives and Commodities in their fullest nature. With this format one would not have to worry about any information to be sourced from outside. You can also provide your customer the option to maintain his portfolio using our Portfolio manager which would be customized and designed based on your website design.


The world is moving ahead, as a matter of fact it is moving very very fast. Anyone who does not keep up with the fast pace of change and preference would be left far behind. You may be offering your customers lots of content on your website but do you provide them the same in LIVE mode on their mobile? You don't or just do so on SMS, and feel you do not have to go further?? Think again.

Today most people are on the move where updates on SMS alone may not be enough. Real Time Content is the need of the day where customers not only get Live markets news and moves, but also important updates from your website plus his portfolio maintained with you. MData provides you Mobile Integration to provide your updates from your website along with portfolio to your customer safely and securely along with Real Time market updates from our content.


Under this package you get the Complete Data Content on Equity, F&O, Commodities on your website along with the complete mobile content as explained above. By doing this, you can concentrate fully on areas that you specialize and leave web data content management along with the advantage of taking this right to the customers mobile, on us.